Health & Physical Education
Sisters High School offers a variety of Health and Physical Education classes
High school health and physical education classes are an essential part of a student’s educational experience, aiming to promote physical fitness, overall well-being, and knowledge about health-related topics.

Credits: .5 / Grade: 9

This required class is fast paced, hands-on and exciting. Discover why and how being healthy physically, mentally, socially and emotionally will benefit everything you are and will do in life. The topics that will be covered include: communication, social behavior, media influence, drugs and alcohol, adolescent sexuality, abstinence, nutrition, CPR and first aid, disease and illness, and body systems. This class will prepare students to be health literate (to obtain, interpret, and understand basic health information and services) and to use such information in health-enhancing ways.

Credits: .5 / Grade: 11
Prerequisites/Requirements: Health I

Students will develop a “sense of person” and a “sense of action” for life-long healthy decision making. Topics of study include: personality awareness; disease and illness; media influence; body image; substance use; suicide; cycles of victimization; adolescent sexuality; mental health; and death and grief. Students will be prepared with the necessary tools to identify, prevent and take action on the many debilitating issues that plague our society.

Credits: .5 / Grade: 9-12

It is time for Body and Soul Fitness! Fitness that Fits YOU, your lifestyle and health goals. This class is all about overall wellness (Mind – Body – Soul). Our class will introduce to you modern exercise programs, phone apps and techniques of today that are designed to give you variety and fit your overall fitness goals. Yoga, pilates, martial arts, nature walks/jogs, meditation, deep breathing, visual relaxation, and others. We will work on ways to boost your metabolism, fine-tune your diet, bring balance to your life and reduce stress. Any level of fitness is welcome – this is an individual program in a friendly, safe, supportive atmosphere.

Credits: .5 / Grade: 9-12

Sports conditioning will utilize a Functional Training approach to maximize students’ speed, agility, core power & strength, cardiovascular endurance, coordination, muscular balance and injury prevention strategies. Your body is designed to move, but under the premise that it has all the tools needed to move correctly and efficiently. This class is designed to create an environment that forces the athlete to learn how to use all aspects of muscular movement with increased athletic reaction. This class will combine core power and strength in the weight room, with functional and plyometric movements in the gym, sand pit and surrounding facilities. We will work at an intensity level that is uncomfortable to most, but necessary to achieve maximum gains over the next 12 weeks.

Credits: .5 / Grade: 9-12

This PE class focuses on developing physical fitness by playing a variety of team sports such as soccer, basketball, volleyball, badminton, floor hockey, and others. Each day students complete a warm-up designed to prevent injury, increase strength, and develop coordination. Warm-ups are followed by a combination of instruction that focuses both on the rules of the targeted team sport as well as the skills necessary to compete in the sport. Evaluations include tracking individual effort as well as skill development throughout the term.

Credits: 1 / Grade: 11
Prerequisites/Requirements: Submittal/acceptance of program application

This integrated studies course is composed of a community of learners working together to gain a balanced, in depth understanding of the natural environment. Using an integrated course model, students will be provided with the educational experience and opportunity to study and learn about the natural environment through a hands-on format. Students will learn experientially by applying knowledge and skills to their immediate environment. Students will be given the opportunity and the necessary tools to create positive change within the school and surrounding environs. This course is committed to developing community partnerships that result in a shared vision of stewardship and a sense of appreciation and responsibility to the world around us. The physical education aspect of this course deals with the evaluation, development, and refinement of the physical skills abilities needed to safely navigate expeditions in the wild. This includes very specific fitness training that aligns with the activities pursued, such as hiking, climbing, and rafting as well as the direct teaching of skills needed to safely take part in such activities.

Credits: .5 / Grade: 9-12

Project UNIFY creates programs and teams that include regular education and special education students together on a team to prepare, practice, and compete with other schools in our area. Project UNIFY works to
promote programs and systems of accountability that include these students and facilitate improvement in their social, emotional, and academic outcomes. Project Unify has two primary goals: First, we aim to advance the social, emotional, and academic outcomes of students with and without disabilities. To facilitate these improvements we will link the targeted students to teams and programs that create systems of accountability. Second, we hope to promote tolerance, understanding, compassion, physical health, and outreach between all our students. We accomplish this by engaging our students in our school community, and encouraging them to become part of a team / family which holds each other accountable.