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Sisters High School

Sisters High School is accredited by the Northwest Accreditation Association with Merit, and has an enrollment of approximately 500 students.

Students must earn 26 credits to graduate, with specific requirements that include four years of English and three years of both Mathematics and Science.  The high school offers a wide variety of electives, including advanced courses in mathematics, science, foreign language, technology and the arts.

  • We are Sisters Outlaws – committed to graduating from high school, prepared for college and work.
  • We are Sisters teachers – inspiring students to learn and achieve at the highest levels.
  • We are administrators and leaders – building positive learning communities focused on academic achievement.
  • We are the support staff – who understand that our students and teachers must be safe, healthy, and supported in order to achieve at the highest possible levels.
  • We are school board members – responsible for ensuring that student achievement is front and center in every decision we make.
  • We are countless parents, family and community members – supporting our children and demanding a high-quality education for them.
  • We are the community organizations, coaches and club leaders, and volunteers – who provide support for our students and staff in their daily work to achieve excellence.
  • We are the residents and taxpayers of the Sisters School District – who know that a strong school system and high achieving students are the backbone and the future of our town and nation.