Students have the opportunity to choose from classes not offered anywhere else on the west coast. Sisters High School has many academic options for students to explore.


Teacher: Gunnarson


Teacher: McCrystal

Engineering (Manufacturing, Design, Construction)

Teacher: Chinchen

Flight Science (Private Pilot)

Teacher: Yeager

Health Sciences

Teacher: Pasley

Interdisciplinary Environmental Expedition

Teachers: Runco, Spear, Herron

Languages (Mandarin Chinese, Spanish)

Teachers: Chao, Tehan

Life Skills (Project Unify)

Teachers: Nordell

Music (Choir, Band, Jazz Choir, Jazz / Wind Ensemble)

Teachers: Johnson, Golka

Performing Arts (Americana Project)

Teacher: Johnson

Woods (Luthier Guitar, Snowboard / Skis)

Teachers: Chinchen, Cosby

Workforce Program (Heart of Oregon)