We are committed to meet the changing needs of students by working with families in order to embrace the individual differences of our students and strive to help each student achieve academic and social success.
Bethany Gunnarson
Bethany Gunnarson, Art, Ceramics & Jewelry Teacher
Charlie Kanzig
Rick Kroytz
Julie Cash
Julie Cash Music Instruction Assistant
Sheryl Yeager
Sheryl Yeager, Flight Science, Health & Social Sciences Teacher
Jami Lyn Weber
Jami Lyn Weber, English/Language Arts Teacher
Hattie Tehan
Gary Thorson
Gary Thorson, PE Teacher
Samra Spear
Samra Spear, English/Language Arts & IEE Teacher
Susie Seaney
Susie Seaney, Student Education Options Teacher & Yearbook Advisor
Rand Runco
Rand Runco, Dean of Students & Teacher
David Rowell
David Rowell, Advanced Mathematics Teacher
Paul Patton
Paul Patton, Social Science Teacher
Samantha Pasley
Samantha Pasley, Health & Physical Education Teacher
Daniel O’Neill
Dan O'Neill, Advanced Mathematics Teacher
Dan Oliver
Dan Oliver, Advanced Mathematics & Science Teacher
Josh Nordell
Josh Nordell, Life skills Teacher
Tara Morris
Tara Morris, Special Education Teacher
TR McCrystal
TR McCrystal, Culinary Arts Teacher
Rick Johnson
Rick Johnson, Choir & Americana Project Teacher
Brittney Hilgers
Brittney Hilgers, English/Language Arts Teacher
Gail Greaney
Gail Greaney, English/Language Arts & Social Science Teacher, Instructional Coach
Kayla Golka
Mikayla Golka, Band & Music Teacher
Rima Givot
Rima Givot, Astronomy & Biology Teacher