Manufacturing /Design/Construction
Our program is generally designed around the Capstone course of building a guitar.

Engineering and Woodworking

Our program is generally designed around the Capstone course of building a guitar. Approximately 30% of the students at our high school will complete an acoustic guitar before they graduate. Most of these students will start in a beginning Woodworking class where they learn how to use tools safely. Then they go into an Engineering class where they learn how to use AutoCAD, which is design software. Next the students take these tools and learn how to machine the parts of the acoustic guitar in the Manufacturing and Technology class. Some students will build a Ukulele in the Ukulele class before they attempt to build an acoustic guitar .

We also have a house building division where we build the walls for a needy family in our community under the direction of Habitat for Humanity. In our Architectural class, the students design and draw the house plans.

Flight Science

Sisters High School Flight Science is a dynamic, forward-looking CTE Program of Study to introduce and provide skills to high school students in high wage, high skill, high demand occupations in the aviation industry.

Courses consist of Introduction to Aviation and Private Pilot Preparation. Students collaborate with COCC and Sisters Eagle Airport to receive simulator and flight instruction. Students enrolled in the Flight Science class also get the chance to experience a 30 to 45 minute flight.

Students who successfully complete the courses are prepared to take the FAA written knowledge exam which prepares them for the next steps on their way toward attaining their private pilot’s license. To be successful in this class, students are encouraged to complete at least 30 hours of actual flight instruction from an FAA Certified Flight Instructor during the school year.