High School Coaches
Our athletic program is proud to be part of our excellent offerings of co-curricular opportunities at Sisters Middle School and Sisters High School.  

High School Coaches Directory

TitleNameWk PhoneE-Mail Address
Athletic DirectorMatt Hilgers541-549-4045 ext. 5760[email protected]
Athletic SecretaryKatie Wardsworth541-549-4045 ext. 5704[email protected]
Head FootballGary Thorson541-549-4050[email protected]
Assistant FootballHayden Hudson [email protected]
Assistant FootballDave DeSmet [email protected]
Assistant FootballJordan Wilkins [email protected]
Associate.FootballJim Gurney [email protected]
Volunteer FootballEli Gurney [email protected]
Volunteer FootballJoe Gordon [email protected]
Volunteer FootballEric Beckwith [email protected]
Head Cross CountryCharlie Kanzig [email protected]
Assistant Cross CountrySarah Thorsett [email protected]
Volunteer Cross CountryDennis Dempsey [email protected]
Head Boys SoccerJeff Husmann [email protected]
Assistant Boys SoccerRyley Newport [email protected]
Assistant Boys SoccerRoger Alvarez [email protected]
Volunteer Boys SoccerRick Kroytz [email protected]
Volunteer Boys SoccerKevin Eckert [email protected]
Head Girls SoccerBrian Holden [email protected]
Assistant Girls SoccerDavid Rowell [email protected]
Head VolleyballRory Rush [email protected]
Assistant VolleyballEmma Houck [email protected]
Assistant VolleyballHannah Harrer [email protected]
Assistant VolleyballJason Myhre [email protected]
Strength & ConditioningDana Charpentier  
Head Cheerleading   
Head Girls BasketballPaul Patton [email protected]
Head Boys BasketballChad Rush [email protected]
Assitant BoysIsaiah Rush [email protected]
Assistant BoysErik Pronold [email protected]
Associate BoysDavid Godfrey [email protected]
Volunteer BoysGabe Sager [email protected]
Head WrestlingDavid Kemp [email protected]
Assistant WrestlingWyatt Maffey [email protected]
Volunteer AssistantDustin Smith [email protected]
Volunteer AssistantRandy Robinson [email protected]
Head SwimmingAlex Bick [email protected]
Head Alpine SkiingGabe Chladek [email protected]
Assistant SkiRima Givot541.549.4045 ext. 5817[email protected]
Volunteer SkiNatalie Grummer [email protected]
Volunteer SkiAnn Brewer [email protected]
Head SoftballGary Barr [email protected]
Assistant SoftballAbby Barr [email protected]
Volunteer SoftballJanet Cusimano [email protected]
Volunteer SoftballStefanie Siebold [email protected]
Head BaseballMatt Hilgers541-549-2099[email protected]
Assitant BaseballDavid DeSmet [email protected]
Asstistant BaseballHayden Hudson [email protected]
Associate BaseballSteve Hodges [email protected]
Head TrackJonathan Kelly541-549-2099[email protected]
Assistant TrackJim Anderson541-549-1641[email protected]
Assistant TrackKatie Wardsworth [email protected]
Volunteer TrackSarah Thorsett [email protected]
Volunteer TrackDennis Dempsey [email protected]
Head Boys & Girls GolfBill Mitchell541-549-4045 ext. 5773[email protected]
Head Girls TennisBruce Fenn [email protected]
Asst. Girls TennisJed Kizziar [email protected]
Head Boys TennisDavid Rowell [email protected]
Head Equestrian TeamTheresa Siler [email protected]
Athletic TrainerAlex Walker541-549-4045 ext. 5764[email protected]