Outlaw Flyers (RC Plane Club)
Learn how to design, build, test and fly RC planes.

Outlaw Flyers Overview

Advisor: Dan Oliver

President: Timber Bionda

Vice-President: Tobann Bionda

Members: Odin Anderson, Timber Bionda, Tobann Bionda, Weston Dean, Soren Greenwalt, Luxen Morris, Asher Spencer

Meetings: Every Monday from 3:30pm – 5:00pm in SHS Room #222


This club focuses on aviation and model-making, and it incorporates physics concepts and calculations. Members also learn many different construction techniques, electronic component fundamentals and piloting skills. The world of RC planes and related activities is vast, the only limit is imagination and motivation.

First Phase (training)
We teach the basics of how to design, build, test and fly an RC plane. Each member actually constructs from scratch and then pilots their very own easy-to-build trainer RC plane.

Second Phase (innovation and fun activities)
Once the basics of designing, building and flying have been acquired, we move on to more creative and personal designs, along with exciting activities:

  • Group builds
  • Build challenges
  • Fight competitions
  • Crazy contraptions
  • Public demonstrations
  • and more…


Outlaw Flyers Overview
Outlaw Flyers – Program