Astronomy Club
Learn about the stars and universe beyond earth.

Astronomy Club Overview

Advisors: Rima Givot & Dan Oliver

President: Kaleb Woods

Vice-President: Molly Greaney

Secretary: Dax Martinez

Members: Abigail Christopher, Althea Crabtree, Keelan Doyle, Brennan Frutos, Molly Greaney, Soren Greenwalt, Dax Martinez, Samantha Reyes, Carter Roach, Gage Scott, Finn Stancliff, Kaleb Woods

Meetings: Every Wednesday at lunch in SHS Room #227

In Astronomy Club, we share passion for all things astronomy, and learn about the stars and universe beyond the earth. We help collect new data about asteroids and participate in the citizen science program RECON. Students write Stars Over Sisters column articles for the Nugget. We also help raise awareness about preserving dark night skies.