Terms & FAQs
To assist in open and easy to understand communication across all Sister School District websites as well as frequently asked questions.

Glossary of Terms


 Use of cell phones and electronic communication devices such as watches, is strictly for before and after school use. Phones/devices must be turned off and put away during school hours. If these rules are not followed, the cell phone/device will be held in the office for parental pick-up.

Our school building and grounds are a pet-free zone. Due to allergies, sanitation and large groups of children at the elementary school, the district has established a NO PETS/ANIMALS policy on the grounds during school hours including arrival and dismissal.

Bicycles, skateboards, scooters, rolling devices, and non-licensed motorized vehicles must be walked on the SMS campus. Parked bikes need to be locked. Sisters Middle School does not assume responsibility for damage or theft.  Helmets are required under the state law for bicycle riders.

The Sisters School Community has a goal for your student to “Strive for 95” percent attendance this school year.  This means missing less than 3 days per trimester.  Our hope is that we can partner with you to strive for an amazing attendance record for your student this school year.   

Establishing a good attendance record is easy; come to school every day you are healthy.  Absences are classified as excused or unexcused.  

Students have the opportunity to leave campus during lunch. This privilege is accompanied by a responsibility to be safe and to represent the school well. Students who take advantage of the open lunch policy should remember the following: 

  • Students are still accountable to all school rules and policies. 
  • Interactions out in the community should reflect how much we value their partnership and the services they provide. 
  • Students who are irresponsible with their behavior out in the community, or in the parking lot may lose their open campus privileges. Students who remain on campus have a responsibility to clean up after themselves and not be overly disruptive. 


The 15 minute break after 3rd period on Friday is not part of the open campus lunch policy. Students who need to leave campus during the 15 minute break must have a parent or guardian check them out.

Middle School: 
Backpacks/bookbags will be used in place of lockers for the majority of students’ needs.   Seventh and eighth grade students will have the option to check out a locker after the first week of school.   Contents of backpacks and bookbags must be limited to school related items only:  1 refillable water bottle, lunch and snacks, school supplies.   

High School: 
Hall lockers are available upon request. PE lockers will be available for use during the class, or for a designated sport. Ongoing access to lockers requires students to observe the following guidelines:

  • Refrain from causing any damage to the lockers, including posting decorations or stickers that may leave residue or require attention from the custodial staff. 

  • Regularly clean their lockers and refrain from leaving any food that could spoil or attract pests. 

Student lockers are school property, and the contents are subject to search if school administrators or law enforcement have reason to believe they contain something that violates school rules or poses a safety threat to our school community. 

Student body cards are available for purchase for $10.  Student body cards get students into all regular HS and MS games for the 2022-2023 school year.